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Progressive Youth Ministry

Rob Bell, Catherine Keller, Paul Wallace, and Evelyn Parker want you at #PYM16

February 18-20, 2016 • Cathedral of Hope • Dallas, TX

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We're thrilled to announce Rob Bell as the closing keynote speaker at #PYM16, rounding out an amazing line-up, each of whom will address the theme of "Faith in an Age of Reason." We've got:

An expert scholar of adolescence and race
An impassioned astrophysicist
A stunning theologian
And a world-renowned speaker and thinker.
After each keynote presentation, we'll have a think-back session with a youth worker, considering the implications of the talk for the practice of youth ministry.

If you want a preview, here's the title of Rob's talk: All Things Are Yours: A few thoughts on the awesome and unexpected truth that every explanation merely moves the mystery a layer deeper. And what that has to do with fifteen year olds.
Plus, we'll have everything that you've come to expect at PYM:

Challenging Seminars
Inspiring Open Source time
Great Pre-Game options
Time for prayer and reflection
A zesty edition of Homebrewed Christianity Live
Joyful worship
And Bar-B-Que!
Don't miss #PYM16, cuz it's going to be awesome!