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Sikh 101 via Arizona Faith Network

  • Nishkam Seva Gurdwara 4950 West Tonopah Drive Glendale, AZ, 85308 United States (map)

After 9/11 much violence was suffered by the Sikh Community because of confusion over their identity and the practices of their faith.  Here in Arizona two Sikh individuals were shot, one was killed in a violent act of revenge following the attacks in 2001.  We join with our brothers and sisters to help spread awareness and peace among all people. Sponsored by AFN Theological Dialogue Commission 

Join Arizona Faith Network in an evening of enrichment as we build understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs. Ms. Rangie welcomes us for an evening complete with Langar Meal.

 Learn the History of the Sikh Faith and Tradition

 Know the basic tenants, teachings and holy scripture of Sikhism

 Experience the Sikh Temple (Gurdwara). Observe Wednesday Evening Service

 Take part in a Langar Meal with the community

This event will end with a Langar Meal with the community.  The Langar meal is one where those who are able are invited to sit on the floor in a visual representation that no human is higher than the other.  There will be chairs or benches available.


Very Modest Attire is Requested
Long Pants or Dresses that show no legs for men and women are used in the temple area.  Also, heads should be covered in the service.  There will be head scarves available, or people are welcome to bring their favorite hat or scarf.  

Please- no smoking or tobacco use on the property