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Praying the New Story with Michael Morwood

  • Community Christian Church 1701 S. College Avenue Tempe, AZ 85281 USA (map)

The contemporary story about humanity's place in this vast universe expands our notions of "God" beyond belief in a deity residing in the heavens above the earth. Much of our personal and liturgical prayer, however, has been and continues to be addressed to a "God" that no longer fits with our expanded notions. What, then, is the goal of personal prayer, and how might we re-shape vocal and liturgical prayer to reflect our shifts in imagination and belief about "God"?

For many years Michael Morwood has engaged readers and listeners in an understanding of God, revelation, Jesus, prayer, liturgy, and the wonder of who we are that builds on a "New Story", the contemporary scientific story, of our place in the universe and how life developed on earth.

Michael brings a wealth of experience in spirituality and adult faith development to the task of helping Christians rethink and reshape faith in what he describes as "the time of greatest shifts ever" in how we understand that everything and everyone is connected in the Mystery we call "God".

Free and Open to the public

Community Christian Church

1701 S. College Avenue, Tempe 85281

Register at or 480-488-6453