e-Book - Entering The Kingdom


e-Book - Entering The Kingdom

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A Radical Message

Scholars agree that the core of Jesus’ message was “the kingdom.” But what is the kingdom? And what is its relevance for us today? In this booklet, Robert Perry draws out the radical message of the kingdom, its diagnosis of the human condition and its prescription for the cure. Through commentary and practical exercises, we learn that Jesus’ message carries just as much liberating power for our lives today as it did when it first was spoken.

100 Pages. Downloadable PDF.

The material presented in“Entering the Kingdom”is both compelling and refreshing. My study group found that the information helped
us better understand Jesus’ teachings in context of the most recent scholarly findings and also that it opened us up to ways that we could apply his message in our daily lives. I would highly recommend these study guides to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Jesus’ core spiritual teachings.
— Joan, Study Group Leader

Written for study group use, but also suitable for individual study.

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