AZFCT is a network of individuals and groups who welcome opportunities to explore progressive religious ideas through lectures, dialogue and in-depth reflection.

In recognition of the importance of religious thought and practice, AZFCT explores emerging paradigms of religious and spiritual experience that are relevant to cultural, social, political and scientific perspectives of the 21st century. Thought-provoking programs challenge us to examine how our theological and spiritual beliefs inform and influence our everyday lives.

Intellectual curiosity and the fellowship of kindred spirits, along with movement of the spirit, inspire personal action to bring about changes that make our daily lives congruent with our beliefs.

AZFCT is an ecumenical, interfaith group that welcomes people of all faiths, as well as those who have left organized religion behind and are seeking a safe place to navigate spiritual and religious complexities in an open, accepting atmosphere.

Study with leading theologians

Attend mind-stretching lectures and forums

Create new paradigms for emerging visions of spirituality

Reformulate for today the messages of sacred texts.

Explore your own vision of religion’s role in your life.

Discover new ways of thinking about spirituality and belief.